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On 2018-02-06

Congratulations to Zahid Ali Ghazi on winning the 2017 CSC Outstanding International Students Scholarship.

On 2018-02-06

NCNST Director Scholarship Prize for Year 2017 has been announced. Congratulations to Wining students

On 2017-11-24

This year, several UCAS international students were nominated by CAS institutes across the country based on their performance and academic achievements. After fierce competition, two International students from NCNST received the award. Among them, Zahid Ghazi won the prize of Excellent International Graduate of 2017 and Tofik Ahmed got the priz...

On 2017-11-06

National Doctoral Academic Forum of UCAS 2014 was held from October 23rd to 24th, 2014 at National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing China.This forum was sponsored by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences with supports of National center for Nanoscience and Technology. The forum was mainly organized for Chinese and foreign PhD c...

On 2015-02-09

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