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In April 27th of 2014 "Going with Dreams"marathon race was held in the Olympic Forest Park, Beijing, which aimed to promote the mass sports, and support Beijing's bid to host Olympics. More than one thousand runners from Beijing universities and work units participated in the race of 5 kilometers.

On 2015-02-09

Come and visit us, with your passion and imagination, as well as your courage and perseverance. Join us, to discover the beauty of the Nano World and to promote the civilization of the human beings. Beyond the destiny of 10^-9, we are waiting for you in NCNST.

On 2018-02-07

In the afternoon of November 14th, 2012 year the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) hosted a welcoming reception for international students on the fifth conference room of the south building.

On 2015-02-09

National center for nanoscience and technology (‘NCNST’ henceforth) held the first international cultural festival successfully on June 20, 2012. The international students in the nanocenter from India, Pakistan, Cuba, France and Nigeria and Chinese students joined the festival. Besides, this meaningful activity attracted international student...

On 2015-02-09

NCNST (National Center for Nanoscience & Technology) is a platform where students are motivated to develop cognitive abilities in their respective areas of study. NCNST involves the provision of a broad context of knowledge, within which students can seek out the information relevant to their specific studies. This platform involves the creation...

On 2015-02-15

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