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Winner of 2017 CSC Outstanding International Student Scholarship

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Zahid Ali Ghazi, PhD of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) won "the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship" (2017) awarded by the Ministry of Education. He comes from Pakistan and joined in Prof. TANG Zhiyong’s research group as a PhD student in 2012.


"The Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship" is a program set up by the Ministry of Education to improve the overall level of overseas students in China, aiming to inspire students to study diligently and make progress. The open quota selection covered more than 80,000 international graduate students from 279 Chinese government scholarship colleges in China, and finally 185 students were selected. The competition for selection is quite fierce. This year, 3 International students were selected from UCAS and Zahid is one of them.


Zahid Ali Ghazi have studied hard and achieved outstanding performance in the past. Despite his initial hard time, he has overcome the difficulties with the help and encouragement of his supervisor and group members. He has published several high-level SCI papers in some prestigious journals like Advanced Materials (IF=18.96), Advanced Energy Materials (IF=15.23) and JMC-A (8.26). The honour is both an encouragement to our excellent international students and an acknowledgment of our international students' cultivation work. It also reflects the remarkable improvement in the training of international students and the outstanding achievements in international students' education of our institute and UCAS.


For the past 10 years, NCNST has been continuously working on new ways for cultivating international students. Efforts have been put on the enhancement of teaching level, professional training of international students and process management. Remarkable progress has been made on enlarging the enrollment scale, optimizing the source structure and improving the quality of students. We hope that the award can be regarded as a motivation to enhance the quality of international students education and foster more high-level talented students globally with internationalized background.













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