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2017 Awardees for Excellent International Student and Excellent International Graduate

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To encourage excellent International students, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) awards several prizes and honors to the students with brilliant performance every year.  

This year, several UCAS international students were nominated by CAS institutes across the country based on their performance and academic achievements. After fierce competition, two International students from NCNST received the award. Among them, Zahid Ghazi won the prize of Excellent International Graduate of 2017 and Tofik Ahmed got the prize for Excellent International Student of the Year. 

Tofik Ahmed is an Ethiopian student joined NCNST as a PhD student in 2014, under the supervision of professor He Jun, He has published several peer reviewed papers in renowned scientific journals. On winning the award he expressed his feelings:

“It is a profound honor to be listed among the 2017 recipients of excellent international students’ award. I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award, knowing that there were many qualified applicants. It indeed fuels me to work hard and win other international competitions as well. All I felt is commitment and passion for my subsequent works. It is a direct proof for the fact that the fruit of my hard-working efforts are started to come out. This award does not only have a material value for me, but more importantly, it will strengthen my forever loyalty and passion for chemistry & nanotechnology; its effect will reach far beyond the monetary concept.”


Zahid Ghazi comes from Pakistan and joined in NCNST as a PhD student in 2012. Despite his initial hard time, he has overcome the difficulties with the help and encouragement of his supervisor and group members. He has published several peer review papers in some prestigious journals like Advanced Materials (IF=18.96), Advanced Energy Materials (IF=15.23) and JMC-A (8.26). He graduated in 2017 and was awarded the prize of excellent international graduate of the 2017.He also expressed his feelings on winning the award:


“It was very exciting for me to hear that UCAS has selected me for the award of “Excellent International Graduate” of 2017 from NCNST. Winning an award is always a very satisfying experience and on such happy occasions it's difficult to express the feelings in words. I equally attribute my all achievements to my teachers, family, friends and staff of NCNST who have provided me with a supportive and friendly climate to complete my PhD studies and won the “Excellent International Graduate of 2017” award. However, successes and failures are parts of life and I don’t take this award as my final achievement. I hope to achieve many such distinctions in my life.”



                                                            Tofik and his supervisor Prof. HE Jun


                                                      Zahid and his supervisor Prof. TANG Zhiyong





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