Zengguang Cheng won the 2014 UCAS-BHPB Scholarship

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The PhD candidate in NCNST, Zengguang Cheng, enrolled in 2009 won the 2014 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences – BHP Billiton (UCAS-BHPB) scholarship after critical selection and interview from many applicants. The UCAS-BHPB scholarship including graduate scholarship and advisor scholarship is co-founded by UCAS and BHP Billiton Company to encourage graduates’ research innovation and support the graduate education. The UCAS-BHPB scholarship has been founded for 10 years since 2004 covering geoscience, chemistry, biology, technology, mathematics, physics and other areas. Every year, only 27 graduates in UCAS win this honor. Zengguang Cheng is the second graduate in NCNST awarded the UCAS-BHPB graduate scholarship whereas his advisor Prof. Ying Fang wins the advisor scholarship.

Zengguang Cheng’s research has been focusing on the performance optimization and the applications of graphene based device since he went to NCNST in 2009. Up to date, he has published 4 papers on Nano Letters as the first author and applied 3 patents in China. Under Prof. Ying Fang’s great support, Zengguang Cheng went to Harvard University to study and work with Prof. Charles M. Lieber from Jan. 2013 to Sep. 2014, where he joined the project on flexible electronics with one paper submitted. In the meantime, Zengguang Cheng was the member of Student Academic Committee in NCNST and has organized and participated in many academic activities. In a word, Zengguang Cheng is an excellent PhD candidate who deserves the UCAS-BHPB scholarship.

Zengguang Cheng, with his supervisor Prof. Ying Fang and Prof. Charles M. Lieber

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