Write your story to inspire others

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 The story of your life in Beijing and NCNST is the theme of a book which is going to be compiled and published with your nice photographs very soon in both NCNST's WeChat account and in the form of a booklet. In order to show and enrich your participation in your center’s development as the individuals from different cultures and countries, you are invited to send your story with one or some photographs that you think best describe you here.

We also will determine one day for the professional photography of you if you would be interested.

It will not take your time a lot, but it will remain in Nano Center’s book forever. As the next time of publishing such a booklet might be after few years, the previous one is gathered before 2015.

With this Email, some pictures are attached as the examples.

 Please, send it before 10th of April to this Email address.

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