Functional Nanostructure: Synthesis, Characterizations and Device Applications

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This course includes three sections: inorganic semiconductor nanostructures, organics functional nanostructure and characterization of nanomaterials. The first section provides atoms-to-device introduction to the latest semiconductor quantum heterostructures. It covers nanostructures growth, their electronic, optical, and transport properties, their role in exploring new physical phenomena, and their utilization in devices. For the second part, By studying of this section, student should know the history and principles of organic electronics, understand how to use various strategies to produce organic functional nanomaterials, get the ideas how to construct useful organic electronic and optoelectronic devices, including filed effect transistors, light emitting diodes, and photovoltaics. The third provides Electron microscopic characterization of nanomaterials, Spectroscopic characterization of nanomaterials and some latest pplications of nanomaterials in nanomedicine.



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