Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Utilization

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Because of concerns regarding energy security, environmental crisis, and the rising costs of fossil-fuel-based energy, there has been significant, resurgent interest in utilization of solar energy recently due to its clean nature and abundance of the source. Unfortunately, the utilization efficiency is still pretty low, which dramatically limits the wide use of solar energy. Nanotechnology may afford a solution to this. Thus, the major goal of this course is to provide graduate students general and state-of-the-art developments in the field of nanotechnology for solar energy utilization. The course begins with a brief introduction of fundamentals of nanotechnology and solar energy. Then photon (light) management is discussed in detail, followed by a thorough description of conversion of light into electric energy (photovoltaics) and chemical energy (artificial photosynthesis). Detailed discussion of environmental remedy is covered too. Other applications such as thermoelectricity and thermochemistry are presented in the final session.

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