Doctoral Degree Program

Doctoral Degree Program

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1. Ph.D. Program

Ph.D programs require a combination of coursework and independent research, with major emphasis placed on research. It takes 3.5-5years to complete the Ph.D Program. Normal Duration of Study: 3.5 years if a relevant master's degree is earned prior to entering the PhD program; 5 years with an undergraduate degree.

Applicants with bachelor degree should apply for master program firstly, and it need to pass the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination to be advanced to Ph.D. candidacy in the third or forth academic term.

2. Qualifications

1) Applicants are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree or master-degree in science, engineering or related field with satisfactory performance.

2) Applicants from non Chinese-speaking or English-speaking countries should demonstrate sufficient command of English or Chinese by including in their application a test report of TOEFL , HSK or other equivalent tests.



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