Graduate Admission

Graduate Admission

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Nanoscience and Technology Program, aims to educate students with the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge to contribute to the long-term nanoscale research and development, which will lead to potential breakthroughs in areas such as materials and manufacturing, electronics, medicine and healthcare, environment, energy, chemicals, and biotechnology.  

Process, nanomaterial characterization, nanodevice design and fabrication, nanostructural observation and manipulation, nanobiology and medicine and etc. The goal of Nanoscience and Technology program is to train students in carrying out original research in nanoscience and technology, and to cultivate independent and innovative thinking. 

With the program, it leads to the degrees of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Applicants are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree or a master's degree in science, engineering or related field with satisfactory performance. The program committee will evaluate the applications and conduct interview if necessary.




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