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My Expericence in NCNST—Christian Bortolini (Italy)

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I am an Italian Ph.D. student of the iNANO center at Aarhus University (Denmark). I am part of the Sino-Danish program which provides a platform for jointly undertaken research activities and exchange of scientific staff between China and Denmark. Therefore, I get to spend six months in Beijing and the remaining two and a half years in Denmark. My supervisor in Aarhus is Prof. Flemming Besenbacher, my co-supervisor is Associate Prof. Dong Mingdong and my supervisor in China is Prof. Chen Wang.


I graduated from the University of Padova (Italy) in Materials Science (both bachelor’s and master’s degree). I am a materials science major, but during my Ph.D. I have been focusing on bio-materials, such as amyloid fibrils (nanostructures related to Alzheimer disease) and DNA origami. In particular, I like to use microscopes, both probe microscopes (i.e. AFM, STM) and electron microscopes (i.e. TEM, Cryo-EM).


Last year I spent one month in Beijing and this time I will stay here for two months. Next year I will come back for another two months. I would like to thank Prof. Chen Wang and his staff for the kind welcome and their continuous support. I am trying to learn the Chinese language, but it is quite challenging! However, I think that the written Chinese is fascinating and I am trying to remember as many ideograms as possible.

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