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Abdul Muhaymin

        Abdul Muhaymin, a highly accomplished Masters student from Pakistan, was admitted to the prestigious National Nanoscience Center in 2020. He was selected as a candidate for the ANSO scholarship and had the privilege of being supervised by Prof. Chunying Chen.

Prior to enrolling in the center for his studies, Abdul Muhaymin worked as a research assistant at the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). He obtained his bachelor's degree from the Preston Institute of Nanoscience and Technology, the only institute in Pakistan that offers a specific bachelor's program in Nanoscience. Throughout his academic journey, Abdul consistently ranked at the top of his class, showcasing exceptional academic performance.


Currently, Abdul's primary research focuses on the formation of liposomes protein corona and its application as a drug delivery system. He has published three review articles and three book chapters in internationally renowned publishers such as the American Chemical Society and Springer-Nature.



In addition to his research work, Abdul actively manages the center's social media platforms through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, thereby enhancing our online presence. He has a keen interest in Chinese festivals and seeks to understand Chinese culture. He has also volunteered in numerous center activities, assisting staff members in providing convenience for other international students. 

Abdul said that his time in China has been filled with remarkable experiences, which have shaped some of the most wonderful moments of his life. He has had the opportunity to acquire valuable research skills and operate a wide range of advanced nano-characterization techniques. These experiences have not only enriched his academic journey but have also fostered lasting relationships with his fellow lab mates, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. Furthermore, Abdul is deeply honored to have received the prestigious Excellent International Student Award from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2023.

During his spare time, Abdul likes exploring numerous renowned landmarks in Beijing, and he is amazed by the architectural splendor of the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. He also likes the vibrant atmosphere of the Hutongs and the bustling streets of Wangfujing and Sanlitun. He said, "China exudes a sense of belonging and familiarity for international students like us. Despite the language barrier, the genuine respect exhibited by the Chinese towards us continuously deepens my affection for this nation and its remarkable people."


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