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Outstanding Alumni

According to an approximate figure, among the 328 Ph.D. graduates, at least 60 alumni have been promoted as Professors or Associate professors. Presently, their researches have made an influential impact in the field of nanoscience and technology. It is through these students that NCNST has its influence on the nanoscience and technology in the world.

Dr. Dingbin Liu, Professor, NKU

Dr. Mingjie Liu, Professor, BUAA


Dr. Xuhou , Professor, XMU

Dr. Zheng Liu , Professor, NTU


Being efficiently educated in developing their self-discipline, analytical skills, problem solving abilities and leadership skills, our graduates have shown great performance even in the diversified workplaces; R&D Companies, scientific journals, financial companies, government departments, high schools and many more.


Production Manager of Baidu


Senior Engineer of DUPONT


Senior Engineer of P&G



Editor of the Journal of RSC

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